Julie Ferrari



I always had a creative side but never seemed to find a medium that I really connected with until I found painted paper collage. Painted paper collage is very freeing, ideas, and the creative muse just flow. I practice yoga, meditation and pranayama, and spend a lot of time outdoors interacting with nature in many capacities where nature infuses my thoughts. Often the creative muse comes to me while I am in the flow of my yoga practice. Some times ideas come mostly formed and some times it takes a while to figure out how to capture and express them and sometimes the paper itself leads the way. I am interested in capturing moments, and the fleeting quality of light and always trying to express energy, movement and ideas often about the complexity of being human. Painted paper and collage are always fun, full of surprises and circuitous; and I love how time has no meaning, and the rest of the world fails to exist when I am in that creative place.

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