Elizabeth Carr


Artist's Statement

Fear of Failure is something I have personally struggled with for years, between dealing with depression/anxiety and this fear I have continuously worked on improving my skills as a mixed media artist. However, I have never fully taken the plunge needed to reach the heights which I yearn for.

In this show I am both forcing myself forward and refusing to submit to atychiphobia while exploring what it means to others and myself. An important part of this project is the time in which this show is presented. The month of May is a time of anxiousness for students. With graduation looming overhead, it causes them to look towards the near future and the potential of joining their colleagues in the work force. This sometimes causes them to freeze in their tracks, become overwhelmed, and potentially stagnant.

Fear, anxiety, depression; these are not tangible things. Instead they manifest and plague our minds silently and very often these things may take on the form of images. A clock ticking, doorways; that whether open or closed lead to the unknown. People will often use the saying “it's time to spread your wings and fly”, easily forgetting the fear of taking the risk of falling.

With the use of mixed media (acrylic, pastel, thread, ink, etc) and metaphor/symbolism, I hope to successfully express some of the numerous perceptions of atychiphobia that I have found within myself and others.

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