Tom Wilkinson


Artists Statement

For me art should be an experience for both the artist and the viewer. As an artist I look at the world around me and the emotions and feelings within me for inspiration. I seek to create art that speaks to the essence of a subject, relying more on my emotive feelings of the subject matter than on the technical details typically associated with it. My approach is much more process oriented than product oriented. While my work is spontaneous, it begins with me listening to my canvas, my materials, my tools and to the subject itself for guidance. I believe a blank canvas, an open space, or an object to be photographed is an invitation to engage in a creative process that will be a unique experience for me and the viewer.

My painting style is rooted in abstract expressionism. I seek to transform conventional views into non-conventional views through my own artist psyche and that can begin with the canvas itself. While my work is spontaneous it begins with listening to the canvas to seek direction on color, form, depth and shape. As I listen I am drawn to certain colors, shades, hues and textures that interact and comingle with each other creating shapes and forms that seek further exploration and amplification. My painting is finished when the canvas tells me it is. My work in this exhibit is titled, Celestial Energy, and seeks to capture the beauty and power of human and natural energy from a celestial perspective.

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