Alwyn Moss



Art has been for me, since my first efforts to draw in Rome, Italy - an intimate and tactile way to relate to life, but especially as time went on, a way to relate to nature, places, people and myself¦ in my birthplace and home town New York City, I did Life Drawing from some great models at the Art Students League along with people newly learning, and many well known artists every Friday evening from 5-7 p.m. In London, I studied printmaking at the John Ruskin School where everything was free from the best printers to the finest of printing papers. From mostly black and white drawings and inks I became enamored in the mid seventies with color, especially watercolors using a rainbow palette. Woodlands, oceans, real and imaginary landscapes freed me from line and borders. Eventually in Blacksburg, I began to teach both drawing and watercolors to children and adults, and the teaching and the doing always bring joy and freedom.

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